Research Inspiring Innovation, the next Big “Small Thing”


Our ancestors achieved great accomplishments in architecture, medicine, astronomy, etc. we couldn’t achieve anything unless we searched the heritage they left for us and learnt from them. However; Research isn’t information gathering or transferring of facts from books and magazines where no contribution to new knowledge is added. Research is defined as “a systematic process of collecting and analyzing information (data) in order to increase our understanding of the phenomena about which we are concerned”. It is cyclic and should be nonstop process. It starts with a very defined and specific question resulting into the most suitable conclusion for your problem based on the researcher hypotheses and passing through systematic steps. Research is about curiosity and questioning what people see normal, closely observe details, and experiments to gain new knowledge. Research is for solving exciting problems and also for developing the current state of any process.

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

— Albert von Szent-Gyorgy


The Question now “Is Research only a Scientists Job?” .Definitely the answer is “No”. We are all in certain degree researchers by nature but we never noticed! When you want to travel to the coast and compare between different transportation means: whether car and Plane or bus for different tradeoffs: speed, cost and safety. So there is an objective and by collecting data, analyzing it to reach the most suitable way for you to travel. Another example is when you are assigned to a college or work project. You start by defining the problem, collecting data from different sources, analyzing what you gathered till reaching the solution.

Another Question arises “What to do after Research and reaching my conclusion? Is Research an objective itself? “.Here comes the secret of this article, The Innovation part; Innovation should be targeted to integrate the Researching Process, complete the big picture and produce solutions and new applications in a creative way. Innovation is the ability to see Research Problem as an opportunity – not a threat. It’s about designing and using this original fact you came up with your Research Conclusion in a useful way hence becomes a business potential or a promising startup!!

“Capital isn’t so important in business. Experience isn’t so important. You can get both these things. What is important is ideas. If you have ideas, you have the main asset you need, and there isn’t any limit to what you can do with your business and your life.”

— Harvey Firestone

Getting great ideas is a fantastic approach but are they applicable? Will they help the problem? We are researching to produce a new product, service or solve an existing problem while using creative and new ideas .Here the cycle would be complete. Research is the fuel of innovation, it provides us with all information and data we need to come up with creative ideas. Also innovation keeps continues feedback to researchers where they should research and what new problems they should face. Research provides the ground to have a lot of ideas so you can have a good idea then you will find your “EUREKA” moments through innovation. We all know what happened with Amazon and their success story when they changed from selling books to selling everything from A to Z online. Also Intel is another good example. Intel was the leader of microprocessors’ technologies and architectures over the past 30 years .Now; they have expanded their domain to include software products. Amazon and Intel didn’t depend on technical and market Research only or Innovation and creative Ideas only but both of them to integrate their cycle of success.

“Innovation— any new idea—by definition will not be accepted at first. It takes repeated attempts, endless demonstrations, monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized by an organization. This requires courageous patience.”

— Warren Bennis

Research Inspiring Innovation is how do we intend to win in business and the reason for the existence of most successful startup’s and big companies .Let’s make it our culture to research and innovate…let’s expand our F R O N T I E R S.


June, 2012

Mohamed Farag Hassan

PastChair, IEEE AinShams Univ. Student Branch.

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