Magazine: Issue 3


Presenting the third issue of VLSI Egypt magazine is like a dream coming true. The great feedback and interaction we had received from the community has been overwhelming and has allowed us to continue and sustain this activity and develop it even further.

Welcome to VLSI Egypt Magazine issue 3

First of all, we would like to thank all the authors who contributed and all those who contacted us with feedback and offered their help. We would also like to encourage any those interested in writing articles, whether they are business, technical or educational, to contact the editorial group and we would be more than happy to answer any of your inquiries.

This issue of VLSI Egypt covers a whole new set of topics in addition to the continuation of previously initiated series. We continue our series on EDA in Japan with the story behind the ASIP Meister design tool. The series on current trends in RF and Microwave and IC research continues with a discussion on why we need UWB. In this issue we give an overview about the analog counterpart of FPGAs, that is Field Programmable “Analog” Arrays (FPAAs) and its history. A historical overview of Arduino and its evolution and a brief article on integrated optical receivers are also presented. A discussion on the goals and objectives of research and how new research associates with new business opportunities is presented through an article discussing the research and motives of innovation. We also present a detailed guide on Scholarships, Tuition and Graduate studies in the European Union. This issue also contains the first articles written in Arabic as opposite to all-English issues previously published.
We hope you find this issue of VLSI Egypt interesting and useful. We would also like to ask you to update us with all your feedback, opinions and comments as this is how we asses our progress and success. Finally we would like to thank you all very much for your interaction, support and for keeping VLSI Egypt such a dynamic community.

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A PDF copy can be downloaded from this link: VLSI-Egypt Magazine Issue3

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